The GVCH Subacute News & Views

I published this newsletter bi-monthly for residents and their relatives, staff and friends of Phillip and Momthose in the Subacute Unit. I hope they help those interested in understanding the daily life of a person living in a subacute setting with severe disabilities.

On February 7th of 2005 my son, Phillip, was a victim of a gunshot wound to his head and is slowly trying to recover. His main disabilities are not being able to speak and being almost totally paralized. He is mentally alert and still has his sense of humor about him. I credit the Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital for his continued well-being and excellent care.

The fact that Phillip cannot speak is a frustrating ordeal for him when he is trying to tell anyone something. If an object is nearby he can point to it and otherwise let us know the basic things that he needs. Conversations and abstract ideas are especially hard to convey to others.

I have been looking at many ways for him to get his "voice" back. I stumbled upon a Morse Code website and wrote to the owner, Andy Hallinan, of the site asking if he had any ideas for letting his Morse Code be translated to text. To my surprise he responded within minutes and began with a friend, Bryan Campbell, to develop a program to help Phillip.

Click here to check out how Phillip is learning Morse Code in order to get his voice back.


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