Hello and Welcome to my web site

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I am interested in graphic design and web site creation. I also use this site to showcase different projects I am working on and items of personal interest. My eldest son, Philllip, was severly injured in 2005 and you can learn more about this in the subacute link. I have 8 grandchildren from 3 sons. Currently Andy Hallinan and Bryan Campbell are developing a Morse Code app that hopefully will help Phillip communicate. You can check it out at Andy's Morse Code site.

One of my soapboxes is for animal rights and hope that someday humans see them as equally belonging on this planet with us. I believe we have no right to cause cruelty or harm to our fellow beings. Especially since it is done often only to serve our vanities.

I attended Santa Barbara City College majoring in Graphic Design and Multimedia Arts where I made the President's Honor Roll each year. I enjoy design and hope to keep learning as long as I am able.

Thanks for visiting.

Esther Medina